About festival

Praha Žije Hudbou is the biggest festival in the streets of Prague. Uličník fancies music, dance, new circus, and theatre. Already for the third time this year.

Uličník looks for one thing! Actually, there are three things:

  1. Uličník WANTS to enjoy life in the streets, parks and squares of Prague,
  2. Uličník WANTS to show that art belongs in the streets to the widest public possible and in the best light possible,
  3. Uličník WANTS to improve the conditions for street performances.

This year’s Praha Žije Hudbou street art festival will therefore offer over 500 performances and 200 artists at more than 50 locations in Prague from Thursday, June 7, to Saturday, June 9, 2018!

In addition to musical performances, other artists and theatre ensembles such as Cirk La Putyka, Spitfire Company, VerTeDance & Beata Hlavenková and many others will present themselves in the streets of the capital city.

All of them have decided to support the festival´s idea and express their support for street art on 5 large music stages, a separate theatre scene and more than 40 busker points.

A few words about “that” busking

Busking is any street performance (musical, theatrical or artistic), which is usually associated with a voluntary contribution from passers-by. Ducats are best to be thrown directly in the hat.

Some world-renowned artists, such as songwriters Glen Hansard, Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran and Passenger, or singers Edith Piaf or ZAZ, began their career on the street, as well. Street art has its longstanding tradition in major capital cities all over the world from New York to Berlin.

Street art in Prague

In recent years, busking has become increasingly popular throughout the world. However, due to the Capital City of Prague Decree, the majority of high-quality production has died down in the streets of the capital city. The Decree prohibits the use of street art in more than half of Prague 1 and other interesting locations, the use of drums and rhythm instruments, brass instruments, the use of amplifiers and much more.

The unfortunate wording of the Decree, in addition to these strict limitations and factual mistakes, also contains a number of unclear formulations – for example, it prohibits loud musical instruments, ethnic instruments, or instruments making high tones.

That is why this year, Uličník wants to introduce the beauty of street art to the general public and to point out that this form of blanket regulation is not the right way to go. In 2016, the petition against the Capital City of Prague Decree on busking gathered more than 5,000 signatures during the festival. The Council, however, has not provided any comments on the petition yet.

Since then, the organizers, headed by Uličník, have been having long discussions with political representatives of both the Capital City of Prague and other city districts. Praha Žije Hudbou opens this topic to the general public and media, and shows that street art can bring much to the city and its inhabitants, while being considerate at the same time.

The aim is firstly to remove mistakes and unjustified regulations limiting most of quality street production from the Decree. The long-term goal is then to change the Capital City’s general attitude towards street art currently unfortunately perceived as “an activity that may disrupt public order in the Capital City of Prague “(Section 1 of the Capital City of Prague Decree). It gets clearer and clearer that support from the general public which the festival seeks to gain is crucial for political negotiations regarding the Decree.

The festival is organized by Nerudný fest.cz, which also stands behind many other events and festivals, including, for example, Mladí ladí Jazz, Student Fest or Festival svobody.

Direct all your queries to the Uličník´s e-mail address: ulicnik@prahazijehudbou.cz

Information for Media

We are pleased to send you all information, quality photos, videos and other materials, or arrange interviews with performing artists. Accreditations are processed upon an e-mail or telephone request.

Contact for Media:

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